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4 in1 Dinosaur Puzzle And Luminous

9.24 BHD

This item: 4 in1 Dinosaur Puzzle And Luminous
9.24 BHD
9.24 BHD
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This is a fabulous pack. 4 different dinosaur jigsaw puzzles per pack. Pterosaurs, T-Rex, Brachiosaurus and Mosasaurus. Puzzles are in large pieces, so it is easy to hold and put together. One unique factor of this puzzle is that they glow in the dark showing just the skeleton. Puzzles helps to improve fine motor skills and problem-solving skills.


Age 3+

Brand – Jar Melo

Material: paper, Packaging: color box,

Product Size: 27.2×22.7x10cm

Carnivorous dinosaurs has 20pcs, size 25cm x 28.2cm,

Peterosaurs has 12 pcs, size 25cm x 25.5cm,

Herbivorous Dinosaurs has 24pcs, size 25cm x 29.5cm,

Lchthyosaurs has 16pcs,size 25cm x 25.5cm.

SKU – JA90640

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